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Our Process

From survey to completed installation, we’ve got your back.
We aim to make the process as smooth as possible and to minimise disruption.


The first step in your retrofit journey is a survey.
We survey your home to help you understand how it currently performs, what you can do to improve it, and what the potential costs are.
We have a range of surveys to suit your needs. From straightforward surveys for individual measures like loft insulation or floor insulation to in depth whole house surveys for more complex projects.

Assessment & Design

Using the information from your home survey the Hub Team will asses your home to make sure your retrofit plan is right for you and your home.
Good design is key to making sure there are no unintended consequences from the retrofit work. We use standard design details for the majority of work we do, but in some instances you will need extra design work to be done. We can help identify suitable designers and can work with your architect if your project needs one.


We will plan and implement all the works set out in your retrofit plan with the minimum of fuss and disruption.
Our team of experienced tradespeople are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible and take pride in their work to get the results to meet the aims of your project.
We’ll also provide you with all the relevant information you need to understand the benefits of the work we’ve done, make sure you understand any maintenance needed, and make sure you know how to use any systems or technologies we’ve installed.


Our work isn’t finished when the measures are installed. We keep in touch to make sure everything is going well.